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Hi my name is joy, they just grant me my resident permit. And I have a 4 straffe from dbahn and I got a letter from court saying that I should pay 900 euros. So someone told me that the straffe could stop me from getting my resident permit. Please i want to know if this is true.
asked Aug 3, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Zion
All you need do is to ask a lawyer to write them that you going to spread the payment monthly. That cannot stop your residence

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Congratulations, what I no is if you are paying the strafe it will not have a negative effect on your permit but if you are not making any payments my dear the court can notify ausländerbehorde and it can lead to restriction on your permit, best thing is to tell the court how you will pay. Thanks
answered Aug 4, 2019 by Deprince
selected Aug 5, 2019 by Zion
Thank you very much i will do that urgently.
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