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Please can anyone help me with umverteilung from Bayern to Nordrhein westfalen, I am a refugee with a six months duldung but have a child with a resident permit holder who has a Deutsches kind, I have done the vaterschaft and Sorgerecht with my country passport and the child has my name on the birth certificate, please the Ausländerbehorde is making it more difficult for me. Please I need some help nd advice. Please how long does it takes.
asked Jul 19, 2019 in Legal advice by Deprince

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hello , 

As from my experience it’s really hard to move one city to another city in Germany . I did the Same process with my 6 month Aufenthalsttung on 2016. Only got accepted by 2018 April. You can see the time difference. It’s because of The strong requirements. You must have a job with permanent contract on new city , also you have to find a house on your own , and submit the rent contract ( Miet bescheinigung ) . Also you need to attach the letter with the reason of your request. It must be a worthy reason. Examples like new job, or family reunions something 

If you submit those documents  only you can get the process begins, otherwise they won’t accept your request . Even if you bring all those documents, it’s takes minimum 6 months time to process . So be prepare of all those documents and all the best 

answered Jul 20, 2019 by Nima
Thank you Nima for your response, but please the question is I have a child with a resident permit holder and have applied for resident permit to care for child in her city, so I can apply for the resident in her city but the auslander behörde in my city is insisting I should bring my passport. So am kind of worried what could happen if I give them my passport. Still afraid of deportation. Please I need an advice. Thank you all
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