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1.What can one do after his or her Berufung has been rejected by court?

2. How do you file for the folgenAntrag at BAMF?

3. How can one also get into Ausbildung even if you don’t have Germany certificate?

4. Best advice will be appreciated
asked Jul 11, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by hafiz123

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Dear @Hafiz123,

Thank you for being such an active member of the Wefugee Community!

Regarding your question, which options one have, if the court decides negative on your case: In General, there is the possibility to take the case in the second instance to a court on higher level. However, if this step makes sense should be decided from case to case on an individual basis and I highly recommend to discuss it with a lawyer.

You will find information on the Asylfolgeantrag in a number of threads which have been opened here on the platform in the past. You may have a look at, for example, the following: or

If I remember correctly, I was mentioning those threads already in an answer on one of your earlier questions. If you need some further information, it might help, if you reformulate or specify your request. 

On your third question, I am not sure what exactly you mean with German Certificate. If you could explain again, we would be happy to discuss it.

I hope this helps.

All the best,


answered Jul 19, 2019 by Meike
Regarding the German certificate, I mean school certificate example A1,A2,B1 .....
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