The court withdrawn my asylum in February and presently i have no papers with me to move but i have an appointment next month with the landstrasamt. My fiancee is pregnant and she has a 3 years residence and a blue passport and we have both make the parternity declaration and Custody of our unborn child. What are my chances of staying in Germany when my baby is born?
asked May 24, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Charington 26 | 2,030 views

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Hi Charington 26!
Of course you can apply for resident permit after your baby born.  After when the baby will born you will need to do first for her aufenthalterlaubnis the same like her mother has. For that you and your wife should write a letter to Bamf then will come answer( ours came in 6-7 months. Then with the answer from Bamf you should go to Ausländerbehörde for applying aufenthalterlaubnis for your baby. This also take 4-6 weeks. Then hopefully after your babies aufenthalterlaubnis you can also apply for your aufenthalterlaubnis
Good luck for you and your family
answered May 24, 2019 by Guly
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You obviously need to take a lower. Depending on your place of stay. Sometimes they can ask you to go back and ask family reunion from your country. But may be your lower can do something with that. Do you have duldung Do you work? Or you have no right to work because they took your case?
May be our experts can explain you with details
Good luck
answered May 24, 2019 by Guly
Thank you for the great answer. It is very relieving. I work for three years. Until may 8 2019 they have to stop me after my asylum proceedings ends in February this year. Because they ask me for passport and it is very difficult to get one which I have tried to go to my embassy and they deprive me from getting one because I can not meet some requirements.  Please I need few advice on how to go about this. Thanks for the answering of questions. It does help
Presently I do not have duldung. But I already made an antrag for duldung. I was told to come next month for the appointment in landstrasmt. I guess I should have it soon.
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I don't think there is hope.  There is hope only when your partner is deutscher
answered May 24, 2019 by felise
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Or when your partner have the real German document.  I do not mean asylum document
answered May 24, 2019 by felise
What is the real German document?
Is it Aufenthalterlabnis?
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Am asylum seeker in Germany. Since 2010 to 2019.Am married and I have two children..both are born in germany.one baby going to kindergarten .I do fulltime and part time job. Also me and wife  finished basic Germany course. Both are rejected from refugee status. Am in Duldung morthan 7 years.how can I request refugee status to other country?
answered May 24, 2019 by Faizal Ali
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