My friend is having a duldung and he want to apply for residence.
He is having achild with a residence permit.
Can he apply for residence through the child?
asked Oct 30, 2019 in Legal advice by Pan 123 | 1,538 views
Good day,dear Pan.
       Please can you be more open with your questions,i mean can you tell more about your questions that the wefugees can **** clearly into it.Thanks for your understanding.

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Dear @Pan 123,

Thank you for sharing your question with the Wefugees Community!

Similar situations were discussed on this platform already before. Please check, for example, the following threads: 

Applying for residency through my 2 Childen or I don't have custody for my child - Can I apply for a residence permit?

As @Deprince mentioned, it could be useful for a better understanding if you share some more details of the case.

However, in order to have a chance to be granted a so-called "Aufenthaltserlaubnis zur Personensorge" (this would be a residence permit to be able to take care of your child/children) it will be important that you will do the acknowledgement of paternity ("Vaterschaftsanerkennung") and you will need to prove that you actually take care of the child. Related to this, declaring officially the custody for your child might also be helpful.

Please feel free to get back to us with any further questions.

All the best,


answered Nov 1, 2019 by Meike
I have a similar case, my wife and my kids have a residence permit. I have been using Duldung for one year, I applied for a residence permit, but the lady told me she intended to got it rejected. now the Landratsamt Landshut wanted to deport me. My wife is In her 8 months pregnant. We the fear of deportation we left Germany to France. I have both the vaterschaft and the soggerecht for both my children.
What kind of residence do you have?
They have 25 Abs 3  aufenthg. And I'm staying with my wife and my kids together. I have both the vaterschaft and the soggerecht. I applied for a residence permit but got it rejected, the landratsamt terminated my duldung stay and intended to deport me. So we left Germany to France for new protection. The residence permit still valid until May 2020. Please we need help on this case.
Was your wife granted a ban of deportation which is usually one year?
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