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Good morning wefugees team @ please, my question is I am from south Sudan with one year resident permit in Germany and my girlfriend is also from Kenya with one year resident permit in Germany too , we now have two weeks new born baby girl and we're wondering about her nationality,
Is she going to be south Sudanese or Kenyan or German?
asked May 20, 2019 in Legal advice by Denny28

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2 Answers

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She is not deutcher because  one of you  are not deutcher, so she can be Kenya  or Sudan,  that's  my opinion
answered May 20, 2019 by Kwame
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Hey congtats with your baby girl!  The baby' s nationality will be rerher yours or your wife's. If you give your surname to your doughter and your wife will be agree you can give your nationality. Unfortunately not German...
Take care!
answered May 21, 2019 by Guly
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