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I was in germany as asylum seeker for four months in 2016 and I voluntery return home after I learn the treath against me is almost over.
Now my situation is deteriorated. I belong to minority Shiiat relegion group in Nigeria & also a member of the opposition party, Nigerian Government is persecuting us using security forces to kill us, I was detain & turtured for two weeks last month April during our protest in Abuja the Capital city. I work during 2019 election as returning officer & the government official force me to present a manipulate result in favour of them (the rulling party) which I refuse to do so, I was also beating & humiliated.
Two of my friends remain in government detention up to now & my wife inform me today the Army come checking my where about & trying to find me.
Am now in a hiding someone is promising a fake visa to enable me seek asylun in frankfurt airport. I dont know if my case will be consider & what process I need to adopt, do I also need a lawyer as well?
Thank you!
asked May 17, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by teejay

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Are you still in Nigeria?
answered May 17, 2019 by Obumkelly79
selected Jun 22 by teejay
Yes, hiding in a deep village country side.
I think is better we talk public here for the benefit of all. Are you a lawyer? refugee who is in germany to answer this quesions or an administrator of wefugee to offer help in answering my quesions, am terrebely need help & I don't trust private conversation as I may not know who you are. Am sorry.
Okay.. well, am a Nigerian living in Germany for 15years now.. and am not a lawyer but, i might contact someone to help u. So, tell me what exactly you want.. have you gotten your visa from Nigeria already? If yes let me know then someone can help you out at Frankfurt. How long have leave in Nigeria since you left voluntarily
Yes am in touch with a family friend who's a policeman promise to put me on a flight to germany. I left 3years ago. I thank you for the effort to help brother. I am terrify & need urgent help...
I need to seek asylum on arrival in frankfurt if am able to escape and I can even denouce my citizenship coz I have no freedom on what so ever now, as a humanbeing I can't go to mosque nor work or even hospital if am seek for a simple reason I share different relegion & political believe with my goverment, its unfair...
Hello Mr. Obumkelly73 am still waiting for your comment. Thank you.
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Dear Teejay,

I am really sorry to hear what happened to you and that you find yourself in such a difficult situation now.

As soon as you arrive at the airport, a special asylum procedure would apply to you. Here you find more information on this, i.e. that a free lawyer would be provided in case that your application would be rejected.

I hope you will be safe and everything goes well!

I wish you all the best,


answered Jun 21, 2019 by Meike
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