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Hello dear Wefugees Team! First of all I want to thank you for your help regarding my question about my babies aufenthalt through her father. This month she got her aufenthalt and reisepass for 3 years as her father has(he is accepted as a refugee). As you know from my previous posts I got my negative in 2016 and applied second time till now no answer from Bamf. As far as I know I can also apply for aufenthaltstilet through my baby. For this I have some questions that I couldn't find in others post.
1. If I apply through my daughter I should take out my asylstatus which scares me a bit. I should hand my native pass which gultig is till 2025 and I'm sure I can't go to my country for verlengerung of my pass neither to go to ambacy
2. Will they give me the same aufenthalterlaubnis Id dokumment with resepass as my daughter has or they will include it only in my native passport?
3. Will something happen if I can't hand them my National passport? I gave my ID from my country already to Bamf( just didn't give my native reisepass)?
4. Is that true if I will not give my national reisepass they will give me Graupass order allienpass? But I'm Bamf I gave my national ID pass?

I talk to Ausländerbehörde about taking back my asylum status. They advice me to wait for answer from bamf and not apply for aufenthalterlaubnis because sometimes after babies positive also mother can take positive answer. But my country counted as safe country which make me sure the answer will be negative second time.
I will be happy to hear from you soon dear experts and thank you for finding time for our problem solving questions
asked May 12, 2019 in Legal advice by Guly

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