Hello @everyone in this community, I got rejected by BAMF and then again appeal court. I was issued a Duldung because my wife and my kid are still in the court preceeding whiles my 8months daughter is in BAMF waiting for decision. But recently Court sent a hearing to me and my wife, with a different letter but same date and same time. So when went to the court the Judge said he has joint our case together. So after some days we received two different letter, with one been granted a national ban from deportation to my wife and my son whiles again I was rejected and can't appeal to the high court. The Auslanderbehode told me to bring my passport, which I have applied for it In Berlin. Now my wife and my Son have a year residence permit. Can I have  a residence permit through them? And will BAMF going to give the same status as my wife and son to my daughter? Please I need help here.
asked Apr 29, 2019 in Legal advice by Daniel Egyir | 871 views
Please Brother, which city are you ?
Because I have similar case too , but my wife and son case is still going on in the court

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Please do not give them your country passport because they will use it to deport you quick .maybe your wife and child asylum story is different from yours . So they grant their stay base on their asylum stories
answered Apr 29, 2019 by felise
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