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I want to ask about studying at university.

I have been living more than 15 months in Germany, I got a refusal, made an appeal against Bamf's decision. So it is an ongoing process now.

It is written on my Nebenstimmungen like that: Studium nicht gestattet etc. But I am attending to language course at the university and because of that, I've been matriculated, It means I have matriculation number(matrikulation nummer).

The first question is that, Can I study without positive asylum decision in  Germany? One of my friends started to study at the Hochschule. His situation is like me but 'Studium nicht gestattet' is not written on his nebenstimmungen. He got a refusal. Except for Nebenstimmungen, All things are the same.

The second question is that Can I rent a flat without permission of Sozialamt?

The third question is that Can I change my place in a legal way, I mean with Umverteilung Antrag?

The last question is that If I find a job somewhere else, Has AusländerBehörde to approve my working request?

Kind regards
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