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hello , 

I’ve been discussed all my asylum process and things couple of times , after the 4 months of One month valid Duldung , finally I got obtain my 6 month Aufenthalstattung on Feb 14th from my Auslanderbehörde, actually I wasn’t expect to get it, however my application to the courts got accepted by BAMF . Meantime same day I was submitted my Ausbildung contract and application to Auslanderbehörde ( 14.02.2019 ) , so my questions are 

1) How long it’s takes for the permission or decision about my Ausbildung application ? 

2) am I eligible to get do an Ausbildung? Because last four months ( August to February ) I was continuously asked to submit my passport . 

3) I lives in a private apartment,is it possible to made an Antrag on BAB with 6 month Aufenthalsttung or where should I get help for my rental of the house ? 

Thank you 

asked Apr 1 in Asylum proceedings by Nima

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