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Hi, i am over stayed with tourist visa approx 8 months. My brother also live in Germany, but he refused to overstaying. So i was left him during my valid visa. Some others person helped me to not sleep on road, but after a long time i didn't hv work or any ligal papers. I feel empty what, If i trying to go back india, i feel personally it somewhere effect my brother from law side because his and my address is same in india and may it track by system. Some guys advice to claim asylum, but i don't know How and what to do. I also have good experience in graphic design over 15yrs but its not working till i dont have ligal work permit. I privately learn Deutsch A2. What i have options for stay here and find work or fly back from another country if that not effects my brother any how. I don't want he would know that still i am in EU. Any advice??
Thanks you in advanced.
asked Mar 9, 2019 in Legal advice by G Singh
edited Mar 11, 2019 by G Singh

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