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Can i travel with Duldung to Frankfurt for a day from kaarst, btw it is written in my Duldung that i have to live in Kaarst !
Or do i need an authorization from the immigration office !
asked Feb 17, 2019 in Legal advice by latrache

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Dear @latrache,

Thank you for reaching out to us again!

I came up with the following information during my research: with a Duldung, you are not allowed to travel abroad. Your stay is limited to Germany. Within Germany, travelling freely is allowed. However, there are some Duldungen, where the stay/ residence is spatially limited. The limitation would be noted in your Duldung. 

"Auslandsreisen sind nicht gestattet, der Aufenthalt ist grundsätzlich auf den Bereich Deutschlands beschränkt. In Deutschland kann man frei reisen. Achtung: Es gibt auch Duldungen, bei denen der Aufenthalt räumlich beschränkt ist. Dies ist in der jeweiligen Duldung vermerkt."


I'm unsure if the note in your Duldung, that you have to reside in Kaarst, applies to your travels, too. To be sure, it would probably be best to check with the responsible authority.

I hope this information helps a bit. Let us know if you have any further questions.

Best regards,


answered Feb 20, 2019 by Isa
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Hey @Latrache I just wanted to find out how it did go at the end? Did you get your residence permit?
answered Mar 6, 2019 by Ngomon_X
Hi! Thanks for your question! Well i waited almost 2 and half week, this last Saturday i have received a negative answer for my residence permit applications 28abs, They rejected my application due to illegale entrance to Germany, i have contacted my lawyer he said because they changed the law in Germany this past two years, anyone gets illegally to Germany if he has a German born kid won't be granted a residence permit! Also we discussed about the option i got, but unfortunately he said we don't have much, he needs two weeks to think on an option!
Its quite difficult situation!
I'm running out time and money !
I'm looking for an Ausbildung with this probably i can wide up my Chance on getting a residence permit, also I'm preparing for marriage documents which is a nightmare!
Sorry about that. @latrache.. please how long did it take Ausländerbehörde to reply you for the residents application. Months or weeks??
@Obmukelly79 3 weeks
So sorry to hear about that @latrache hope for the best though.
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