Hello dear Wefugees community,

As I have shared my story before about the Vorläufige, today I have received the Duldung by the immigration office in Grevenbroich,
The person who was in charge with my case in the immigration office, has been asking me and mentioning twice to get to France or Netherlands into the German consulate with a letter from my lawyer to get a visa to Germany, even though I don't have a residence permit in any of these countries mentioned above, I found no logic on it ! Even though he explained once the consulate accepted my case they will send to Berlin and ask for visa delivery permission to illegal applicant to Germany on their consulate. And this is the third time he hints me with this information!
Is this is for real ? Although I have asked my lawyer last time he said this is non sense informations tho!
Any way, if you have any clue about this process please share it with me !

I would like to ask some important questions came to this step and progress :
- can I apply for a residence permit for German child as Duldung holder ?
- can I get married in Germany with Duldung ?
- am I able to do an Ausbildung with the duldung or University degree pursuing ?
- can I get help from the Sozialamt or jopcenter regarding to Duldung holder and having a child and wife ?
- can I be selbstständig with the Duldung?
- What happens after the Duldung due period expires ?

Thank you so much !

This is a very helpful and releasing platform! I appreciate your cooperation and your help!
We pass through some really difficult episodes and it is amazing and releasing to have some moral Support and legal advice from you!
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asked Feb 6, 2019 in Legal advice by latrache | 997 views
My lawyer has yesterday submitted a letter to Ausländerbehörde to ask about the 28 abs paragraph for the residence permit and the documents required!
I would like to know how much that takes to receive an answer from the Ausländerbehörde?
Also I have yesterday got the Leistunghilfe from sozialamt.
And I would like to ask how I can open a bank account with my Duldung for Basiskonto, with no fees charges even though I went to Sparkasse they charge 7€ per month and Norisbank which they ask for a passport not a Duldung.
I cam with a research on the banks that they have signed a Conventions to open a bank account to a Duldung holders but they all have monthly charges!
 Do you have any recommendations?
Thanks a lot!
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