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Dear Sir or Mam,, i applied the asylum first time,, then my fingers come in imgration because I was applied the Visa,, but Germany has refused my visa,, after that the some months they have rejected my case I have received yellow letter,, then i found one lawyer and again appeal,, but this is also rejected again and got letter ,, then i hire new lawyer he has again appeal after that Lawyer has give to me one paper this is from BAMF,, so went to BAMF they say you want to start new asylum i say yes,, after that they has took again fingers and photo,, after that they have give to me new papers and they said show your documents to kries Haus,, then i show them they take the photo copy,, but before this situation I have Duldung,, but kries Haus has not changed my house wise,, they give to me already emergency certificate paper and they to fill this form and want to passport or birth certificate,, but i do not have anything,, so i want to ask to you they can deport me or they can do anything,, if i applied new asylum,, but kries Haus has not changed any thing,, please help me. THANKS
asked Feb 2, 2019 in Asylum proceedings by Ji93

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Please reply dear sir or mam
answered Feb 4, 2019 by Ji93
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