I graduated from the University of Aleppo/Syria. I live in Germany. I have a degree in human medicine.

What is the procedure to be taken in order to be able to do a specialization (study in a certain major in medicine)?

What should I do to get an equivalent German Degree for my Syrian one ?

Please give me as much information as possible.


Ich habe an der Universität Aleppo / Syrien studiert (6 Jahre lang). Ich lebe in Deutschland. Ich habe einen Abschluss in Humanmedizin.

 Was ist das Verfahren, um eine Spezialisierung (Studium in einem bestimmten Schwerpunkt in der Medizin) durchführen zu können?

Was muss ich tun, um eine Erkennung von meinem syrischen Abschluss zu erhalten?

Bitte geben Sie mir so viele Informationen wie möglich.
asked Jan 26, 2019 in Education by eng.mohamad | 544 views

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Dear @eng.mohamad,

Nice to hear from you again!

If you come from a non-EU country and have completed your medical studies there (as you mentioned), it is necessary to make sure your degree will be recognized in Germany, in order to continue your training.

There is a website by the BAMF regarding the recognition of foreign professional qualifications: ****://***.bamf.de/EN/Infothek/FragenAntworten/Anerkennung-Berufsabschluesse/anerkennung-berufsabschluesse-node.html;jsessionid=7112F65DF461DB94FC4B3AFC2BAAD55D.1_cid294

  1. Regarding your wish to specialize in a medical field, I found this very helpful website explaining the procedure and requirements (for example sufficient German skills): 


    As it is mentioned on the website, 
    "Training programmes can take five to six years and are conducted at university medical centres or other facilities which are authorised to provide specialist training. The regulations are different in each German state. To be eligible, you must have excellent German skills are and have a medical license, the “Approbation"

    Here is some more general information on the steps of studying medicine in Germany: https://***.topuniversities.***/where-to-study/europe/germany/how-study-medicine-germany

  2. Back to your second question: The website I linked before regarding medical specialization says the following about obtaining a medical license: 

    "If you wish to practice medicine in Germany, you will require a state medical license. This is called the “Certification to Provide Medical Treatment in Germany”, or “Approbation” for short. To obtain such a licence, you must register with the “Oberste Landesgesundheitsbehörde” (Supreme Health Authorities of the German Federal States). You can find a list of addresses of the responsible authorities on the German Medical Association website."

     And about people with non-EU degrees:

    "The equivalency of your academic qualification will have to be assessed (knowledge assessment). If the medical board determines that your education is not equivalent to that provided in Germany, you will receive a temporary medical license, valid for a maximum of two years. During this period, you are required to take the equivalency assessment examination. If you pass the exam, you normally receive your German medical license."


The process seems a bit complicated, but it should definitely be possible for you to have your degree acknowledged and to continue your medical training here in Germany! I hope that everything will work out for you.

Feel free to reach out to us again if you need any more assistance!

Kind regards,


answered Jan 28, 2019 by Isa
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