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i am indian citizen married with romanian citizen from about 3 and half year and ammelded in german after 4 months , as my work there so i live with her and get german visa . now we stay happily from more then 3 years and i had visa which i get on feb 2016 , now 3 years completed . is i elligible for apply permanent residency right now or not ? and what documents i need ? thanks
asked Jan 10 in Legal advice by deepkahlon
You have to stay 5 year then you allow to apply for residency parmit only who marry with German women they allow after 3 year and you also have to pay Tex 5 year without depending on Jobcenter

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Dear @deepkhalon,

Thank you for reaching out to us and Welcome to the Wefugees community!

There have been a lot of questions on our platform regarding how to get a permanent residence permit in Germany, please have a look at them here:

Can I apply for permanent residence after three years? 

How long do I have to be married to my wife until I can apply for a permanent residence permit in Germany? 

Our asylum law expert Nilab provides some answers on the threads that can be helpful for you.

Here is some more information by a Germany Visa site:

Have a look at the paragraph about "Temporary Residence Permit - Marriage Purposes/ Employment Purposes" and the one about permanent residence permits below.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out to us again if you have any more questions!

All the best,


answered 5 days ago by Isa
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