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Hello experts

I want to ask before i get my appeal interview
( considering already guaranteed protection in the other EU member state  )
1-   can I submit (extra) papers for  my case can I add some Research from the internet that supports what I say about the other EU member state for e.g (people who were deported back have been homeless , facts that there is no health insurance etc.)

2-And also about my health in case my diseases report was that i had been extremely sick in that member state should i provide german reports that shows my health is improved since i am here or i should show that I am still sick ?

3- how should i act in the interview any tips ?

Thank you!
asked Jan 9 in Legal advice by Hopeless
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Dear @Hopeless,

Thank you for reaching out to us again! 

To provide you with some legal advice, I'm going to link our asylum law expert @Nilab here, but I'm still going to link a helpful source for you.

The following site is in German (Flüchtlingsrat Niedersachsen), however, I tried a translation into English and it looks accurate.

Here are a few tips they offer:

  • To prepare for your hearing, ask a lawyer or counseling center to explain to you the negative decision of the BAMF and try to understand the reasons for the refusal
  • Try to get new evidence regarding why you fled (through family members for example); or new information regarding what would face you in case of deportation to your home country. 
    • Has the police been looking for you? In cases of illness - is there adequate medical treatment in your home country and would you be able to pay for it? 
  • Also make sure you haven't told the court different things than what you told the BAMF, as they have read the BAMF protocol. You can correct statements that you made talking to the BAMF, but also explain why the statements are incorrect (e.g. your translator didn't let you finish/ you were tired or confused during the interview, or else)

Nilab should get back to you within the next days with some answers regarding your questions.

All the best,


answered Jan 9 by Isa
Hi thank you for your respond, it seems misunderstanding i already edited that i already got protection in that eu member but they did not give me a health insurance which why i don’t have any access to treatments etc ..
Dear @Hopeless, Thank you for providing us with further information and sorry for my late reply. Maybe Nilab hasn't received the link before. Has anything changed about your situation? In general, if you have been denied due to Dublin Regulations, a different procedure applies to you. I explained it in detail here: If you have proof that the other state lacks the necessary treatment for you, that should affect your case. You may have already done so, but please reach out to a lawyer/ legal aid service to help you with your appeal and further advise you on your options! Best, Isa
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