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Hallo i have baby with german gf i already make Vaterschaft und Sorgerecht and give to Ausländerbehöde but my Sachbearbeiter don’t do Nothing  he just try to deport me because I give him my drive license and I’d card my Anwalt also send him 3 letter  but he don’t reply any letter so now my Anwalt make Anklage to him but how I can change my Sachbearbeiter plz someone tell me
asked Dec 27, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Garry
Before I reply, here is what you wrote in the other thread: "Hallo i am Indian my baby born in September with German gf i already make Vaterschaft and sorgricht but Standesamt need my original passport for put my name in brithcertificate I going to apply for passport but they need Bescheid from Ausländerbehöde and ausländerbehöde don’t give me I don’t know what to do now ,my original drive license and I’d card already they have i am scread like they can diport me ? Plz tell me"
Dear @Garry, first of all - Thank you for reaching out to us and I'm sorry to hear about your situation. I think it's important that you receive some legal advice, so I will link our asylum law expert @Nilab. She will get back to you shortly (it may take a few days due to the Holidays!). Best, Isa

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whare is your answer ? 

answered Dec 28, 2018 by Garry
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