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Hello, I have a question to ask related to working into another european country( if already receieved the job offer from employer of that country and will get work permit done) while your inital asymlum application got rejected by BAMF and appeal is filed at court. So summarizing the situation can someone move from Germany to another european country with the above mentioned scanerio, where job is confirmed but status in Germany is rejected asylum appicant ( or asylum seeker). Please help me in this regard. Anxiously waiting for your response. Thank you
asked Nov 23, 2018 in Legal advice by MMM10

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Dear @MMM10, thank you for your question. No at this stage you cant move to another EU country. Once your case is decided in your favour, then you have to get the permession of the cou ntry you are planning to move to for work(VISA). I am sorry that we couldnt give a better news to you. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 26, 2018 by Nilab
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