Hello I m back . I have a new question . I have given the Ausbildung contract in Landrasamt . And it is completed 3 months but I did not get the answer from Landratsamt. I applied for Ausbildungduldung . But the landrasamt did not give answer either positive or  negative. My lawyer told me that if the landrasamt does not give the answer in 3 months then I can go to the court and apply for (Eilantrag) . I want your suggestion and tell me about Eilantrag . How long does it take the time in court for an Eilantrag?
asked Nov 14, 2018 in Education by Zichako

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Dear @Zichako, thank you for sharing the update with us. As for the question: - we suggest you to write a letter to the Landratsamt inquiring for an answer, while indicating a time (such as 14 days) in which they can respond. If they do not react by then, try to go in person and make an inquiry if they then still refuse to give you an answer it is the time to involve the court. I hope this could assist you in your question, if you need further assistance please do not hesitate to reach out to us. Best regards, Nilab
answered Nov 15, 2018 by Nilab
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