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The reason of my refugee is political and was rejected and now a duldung holder and cannot manage passport/any documents from my native land.

What are the chances for me to get a grey passport?  

asked Oct 28, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Sab

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Dear @Sab, you can only obtain the grey passport if you have an Aufenthaltstitel, not a Duldung. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 28, 2018 by Nilab
As far as I knew from this platform one can get Aufenthaltstitel after 8 years being a duldung, and after 8 years can I get grey passport as a political refugee? @Nilab
Dear @Sab, no you get Aufenthaltserlaubnis( Aufenthaltstitel) when your case is positive decided either by the BAMF or later the court through appeal. What you mean is the Niederlassungserlaubnis. I hope this helps you. Best regards, Nilab
Thanks @Nilab It will be great if you clear one more thing. As I have no documents from my home country, will it be harder for me than others to get the Aufenthaltserlaubnis? As I said earlier the reason of my refugee was political.
Dear @Sab, you are welcome! If your asylum application is decided upon positive than it wont be more harder for you than others. I hope this helps you, Best regards, Nilab
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