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Good day every one,please i have being living in Germany now in 3 years with my 2 kids and wife,my kids are born in Germany and our asylum was rejected 2016.,I and my wife was giving a Duldung ausweis since last year 2017,but this year 2018 June our daughter was granted deportation ban and she was entitle to residence permit,my question is that will the new progress of our daughter favour us as well,I mean can we the parents also be entitle to the same resident permit of 1 year like our daughter?.because up till now we are still holding a Duldung.,or will they only give our daughter resident permit of 1 year and letting us to still be holding a Duldung?.I will be glad to get a quick answer.
     Thanks in advance
asked Oct 21, 2018 in Legal advice by Eddy
Hello brother , please I need you to help me clarify something on my daughter status .. after the interview of my daughter they gave us a paper state that your daughter has been granted international protection .. is that the same paper you are given ? Is that the result ? Do I have to wait for another result .. please response .. I just want to be sure if my daughter was granted refugee status as well email is

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Dear @Eddy, thank you for you question. Though I answered your question already, please follow the link: If you have furthe question going beyond the ones you have asked, you are welcome to address them here. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 22, 2018 by Nilab
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Good evening brother,for my daughter case I did National deportation ban for her after our asylum was rejected,and I process another substitute asylum for her called national deportation ban.Was that also what you got from your daughter?.Because in Germany we have 4 types of protections for asylum,political asylum,refugee status,Subsidiary and national deportation if one of this was in your daughter result then she got positive decision from her interview.if you have more question you can still ask and I will share with you with my little knowledge I have 

answered Jan 25, 2019 by Eddy
Thanks Eddy for your quick response ..I am just little confuse ..a print out paper was given to my wife after the interview  , I mean on the spot after the interview and it’s was writing in English that your daughter was award international protection.. and since then nothing from the bamf no result or any paper question is that .. does that mean she is accepted and given a document ? Do you also got the kind of paper after the interview of your child ? I will be looking forward to your reply or you can send me your email please .. then I can send your my phone number via email address
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