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Hi guys ,

I have applied für Aufenthalt last week and they gave me a papers that says Aufenthaltsbescheinigung gemäß § 5 Abs.1 S . 2 Freizügigkeitsgesetz/ EU
And is valid for 6 months . Do I have right to travel with it ? And what do you think is there any chance to give me a normal resident permit , how long should I wait ?
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Hello and welcome to the Wefugees community! 

Unfortunately, I am not an expert on the EU law/freedom of movement. 

But I will link some of our wonderful experts from MBEON here. I am sure, that @mbeon-ruth, @mbe-on_Zsigó or @mbeon-Christine might have some information for you. 

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Hello dear Mister or Missis,

if I am right, you come from a not EU land, but your wife/husband comes from an EU land or Germany. That is why you have got the document you mentioned above.

Your rights are:

What is freedom of movement?

The term “free movement” means the general right of all Union citizens and their family members to reside in another member state of the European Union, provided that sufficient means of subsistence and health insurance coverage can be proven. Specifically, there is freedom of movement for workers, freedom of establishment, freedom of movement for the purpose of studying and freedom of movement for people (see Section 2 FreizügG / EU).


Under what conditions do Union citizens acquire permanent residence rights?

Union citizens who have been legally resident in the federal territory for five years in accordance with the provisions of the right of free movement acquire a permanent right of residence. This means that they have a right of residence regardless of whether the conditions for free movement apply. In addition to the Union citizen entitled to free movement, this also applies to his family members and life partner if they have been legally resident in Germany with the Union citizen for five years.

I hope that the answer will be helpful for you.

Kind regards


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