Thank you alot Nilab for the accurate answer to my questions,But what is written on my Duldung ausweis is Erwerbstätigkeit nicht erlaubt.My first question is that while after my daughter is granted National deportation ban by BAMF I'm not still allowed to have work permit?because we have apply multiple times but no answer.secondly before our duration period of our Duldung ausweis was only one month,but after my daughter was granted positive and after we summited our passport to them they change the duration of our Duldung ausweis to 3 months but no working permit on it while?please I will be happy once more if you can give me an answer to this my questions again.Because we went last week to renew our Duldung ausweis it was still the same thing,no working permit on it,and we ask them while they said we must still I'm really tired and confuse about this because only in my daughter ausweis is stated she can work
asked Oct 12, 2018 in Legal advice by Eddy

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Dear @Eddy, your welcome. In this case the only way is to address this in a written inquiry and ask for an answer within certain time period. I am sorry but at this stage it is the only thing you could to spped up the process. Best regards, Nilab
answered Oct 12, 2018 by Nilab
Well thank you for the assistance,who may I send the letter to?I mean is it Landratsamt or who?
Dear @Eddy, yes it would be the Landratsamt. But check which team isresponsible and if you cannot find a responsible team, address it to the head of the Landratsamt. Best regards, Nilab
Ok thank you alot for the assistance,I really appreciate
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