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Hello everyone my partner is permanent in Germany and she is living here from 9 years now before she apply for my resident here how much work contract she must show to immagration office I mean how much money or working hours she must show to office or what contract for how many hours to get me resident in Germany
asked Sep 13 in Other Questions by Musawvir (170 points)

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Hi @musawvir thanks for your question. According to the German family reunification law. since Your wife isn't a German Citizen she will have to have enough space for you in Her house and she will also have to show a sufficient fund to the authorities(auslanderamt). She can show this by presenting her previous 3 or 4 months payslips. This is because the auslanderamt want to see if she will be able to support you financially till you integrate into the German society and get a job for yourself. not that you will will apply for social aid or benefits. Without this it will be very difficult to get the Residence Permits (aufenthaltstitel). If not even impossible. But I don't actually know the exact amount. if she work's up to 6 or 8hrs during the Weekdays (Monday to Friday) will be fine. But I will get back to you as soon as I find out the exact amount. Good luck and best regards Nelly
answered 4 days ago by Nelly Overcomer (9,670 points)
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Hey, your partner just need to show her PR. Job or jobless it doesn't matter in marriage residence permits because in German law they can't make you separate if you are married
answered 6 days ago by Kevinreed00131 (860 points)
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