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So i applied for Asylum in Malaysia 6 years ago and my case has been accepted for over 2 years now by the UNHCR so i am officially recognized as a refugee. I initially applied for resettlement in the US, but sadly a few months after my application the Trump administration took over and stopped the refugee program and banned Iranians, which is okay, but right after that literally every other country stopped processing resettlement cases, or so i was told by the UNHCR a few weeks ago. So basically there hasn't been any progress in my case for months now.
Now me and my GF used to know each other for almost a year but had never really gotten close since she only grew up in Malaysia and currently lives in Germany and is a German citizen, that was until a few months ago when she visited Malaysia again and we got really close and things got serious between us, but as usual, she had to go back so we've been doing long distance for almost 2 months now and it's driving us both crazy.
In order to be together we have thought about marrying each other, which we are okay with or have her sponsor me as a refugee.
Now this is were the real problem starts... she is currently living on Social Welfare which completely destroys both of those options since she is supposed to prove the German government that she can support the both of us, which she can't.
Is there ANY way for me to get to Germany right now? with or without her help? any NGO's that can help? i've been searching and asking for weeks now and no one seems to have an answer... i'd be more than grateful if someone could offer some sort of help or insight for this situation, we're at complete loss. I can answer any questions you have regarding the situation too, if that helps. THANKS.
asked Aug 30, 2018 in Legal advice by unknown_hr
Hello @unknown_hr - Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question. @WKZB1 can take a look at your case next Wednesday. Maybe he has an idea what to do. Best regards, Thorgen
Thanks for updating me. I'll be waiting for their response.

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Hi !
We are in the same situation with my BF .
I'm French and he is Syrian refugee in Malaysia. I ask question in this website to know if its possible to marry us in Malaysia. For the moment i havnt flat. I haven't many work, but my parents propose me to support us if the wedding works.
And i know a another solution but it's more complicate . I'm looking a company in France who can invite him for work. It's take time to find.
I dont know but maybe UNHCR can make recommandation for you for ask asylum in Germany ? Or an other country ?

Take care
answered Oct 29, 2018 by StephanieO
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