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Hi. I was a student in Germany. Applied for asylum. Got rejected. Appealed but due to family back in Afghanistan, I had to come back valunteerly .

Now. 1. Can I get a visa for Germany or other EU for study or other purposes? 2. Does eurodoc share asylum fingerprints with embassies? 3. Will france accept my asylum.

Note. It has been one year since I am in Afghanistan. Thank you
asked Aug 16, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Gul

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Hello @Gul

Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question.

1.) Since you returned voluntarily there shouldn't be an entry ban for the Schengen area for you. If you fulfil the requirements, getting a visa should work.

2.) I don't think so. The EURODAC database is used amongst the Dublin states to find out whether an asylum seeker already got registered elsewhere. Since it's not possible to seek asylum in an embassy, it's not necessary for them to have access to this data. Also, applying for a visa is a different procedure than claiming asylum. As far as I know, EURODAC doesn't play a role in this case.

3.) You returned to your home country and stayed there for a year. Therefore Germany is not necessarily responsible for your case anymore and a new asylum claim in France might be successful. They can ignore the fact that you've already had a procedure in Germany in the past and start a new one (see the answer by Marcel in this thread: I can't tell you though whether or not your asylum procedure is going to have a positive outcome.

Best regards,


answered Aug 16, 2018 by Thor
selected Aug 16, 2018 by Gul
Thank you Thorgen for the detailed info. I really appreciate your work on this platform.

Yes, no one can predict asylum outcome but france being more welcoming then Germany for Afghans may have a positive influence.

In between, I know it may be a repeated question, but my aim is to get to Europe preferably to france, but if not, then any other shengen country. Let's say I go to Italy via legal visa then apply for asylum in france, will Dublin apply?
Yes, Dublin will come into play if for example Italy issued you a visa. Every other country will refer you back to Italy in this case.
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