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If someone gets TRP (Temporary Residence Permit) in Poland, Can s/he work in Germany legally?

asked Aug 6 in Work by Sab (480 points)

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Hello @Sab

Nice to hear from you again.

In general, you are not allowed to work abroad within EU as a refugee. You may stay as a tourist for a maximum of 90 days (within 6 months). For further information please check out this thread here on Wefugees:

But there is a way to move to Germany. You need a concrete job offer and you have to fulfil a number of other requirements. Check out this thread for further information:

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answered Aug 7 by Thor (62,450 points)
Actually I was asking this question on behalf on one of my brothers. He is not refugee. He came in Poland with one year employment visa. He's getting TRP (Temporary Resident Permit) for 3 years.  In this case, can he work in Germany legally? And will he get residence permit in Germany?
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I'm sorry he won't be able to work in Germany with that Polish Temporary Residence Permits. Only If it should have been a Polish Permanent Residence permit then he would have been able to Work in Germany.PERMANENT RESIDENCE PERMITS HOLDERS in EU countries can be given a Residence Permits in a different Eu Country if they move there and meet up with the requirements. For him to work in Germany he would have to seek for a German Working visa if he's accepted then he will be able to come to Germany for Work purposes.
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answered Aug 15 by Nelly Overcomer (13,310 points)
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