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Hello I am an Albanian Citizen and I have a Poland residence card. Can I work in Germany with this card. I have a valid job offer. Do I need to get a visa or can I just work with the Poland residence card?
asked Jan 6, 2020 in Work by crick333 1 flag

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Dear crick333,

I am happy to greet You in the community and it is nice, that You searching for answers for Your actual situation.

The fact, that You carry a residence card of Poland allows You only to visit Germany for 90 days in 6 month, that means You could be a tourist in Germany. If You would like to job in Germany, You need a work visa.

I hope, that the answer could help You. I wish you all the best.

Yours sincerely,

Béla Zsigó

Migration assistant MBE-On
answered Jan 7, 2020 by mbe-on_Zsigó
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