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l married to a German, How long should I wait to get my Aufenthaltserlaubnis?. Since one month l applied. And l meet up with all the requirement. How many years Residence permit will the Authority issue to me? Thanks
asked Aug 3 in Legal advice by Emmytender (120 points)

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Try contacting the Ausländeramt to know the reasons why they are delaying in Issuing your Resident Permits,
answered Aug 6 by Nelly Overcomer (3,330 points)
Hi Nelly, Thanks for your reply. We called Ausländerbehörde and asked why is the delayed! They said they're waiting for the approver of my Führungszeugnis from the AUTHORITY ABOVE, (l think Berlin or Karlsruhe). Thanks
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Good Day ..  I am on same Situation . .  i also applied for Residence permit. . My Boyfriend is German and i am Pakistan National . .Its been 3 months i didnt got any answer yet. .  please if you found any useful information share with me too . .Thank You
answered Aug 4 by Kevinreed00131 (180 points)
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