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As i said earlier we are already married. i and my German partner the next step now is for us to Register our Marriage here in Germany. We received 2 Danish Marriage marriage Certificate written in 5 languages Danish, German, English, Spanish and French at the Registry office (Rat haus) there in Denmark. But we gave one of the Marriage Certificate to the Agency (Lawyer) who helped us arrange the Wedding with the Danish Government for the issuance of the Appostile as we will be registering our Marriage here in Germany. the agency said Normally that we don't need the Appostile as Denmark is part of the Eu and also an Appostile Country. but that we should get it in other to make things faster and not to encounter problems in Germany. I will really like to ask anyone in the Group who can throw some light and also the Procedures for us to Register the Marriage here and Apply for German Resident Permit. I already have an Italian 5 resident resident permit and also the Refugee 1951 Convention Blue Passport along with my Carta Identità) (Identity Card) and My European Health Card (EHIC) all this Documents were issued officially by the Federal republic of italy. And also this are the Documents i used to get Married officially in Denmark. Will that be enough for me to register my Marriage here and apply for another resident permit(spouse of a German citizen, family reunion resident permit) or do i have to present my countries passport? Before starting the process?
asked Jul 26, 2018 in Legal advice by Nelly Overcomer

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Germany is member of the Hague Convention (Hague convention abolishing the requirement of legalisation for foreign public documents, concluded October 5, 1961).

Denmark and Germany don't require according an agreement from 1936 any authentications from documents for the use in the other country. Danish documents of civil registries are not included in this agreement. For the use of the danish marriage certificate in Estonia, it is necessary the apostille by the danish authorities.

Danish civil registries don't require any authentication for documents issued in the EU

answered Jul 26, 2018 by Ria
Does it mean i can register the Marriage here and apply for German Resident Permit without authenticating the Document?
We wanted to wait to receive the 2nd Marriage Certificate with the Appostile. Or should we go ahead using the other one to register and apply for The Resident here.
As for Estonia we don't really have anything to do with Estonia. Its in Germany that we want to register. My wife have a good job she works Full Time And as a production controller in her company. Can i get the German Resident Permit after registering the Marriage in our Standesamt here? I didn't apply for Asylum here in Germany i'm just on my own with my Wife i only applied for Asylum in Italy which was approved and i then got a 5 Years Resident Permit and the full refugee status along with the European Health insurance card (EHIC) and the Italian Carta identità (identity Card) showing my Nationality as a Nigerian issued officially by Italy. My question is do i stand a chance of getting the German Resident Permit please i really need your help Urgently so that we can register it fast
you need the Marriage Certificate with Appostile  to apply for the resident permit.
you can go and apply now, and give them later the second one with the apostile. Your identity card is avaibale fpr germany.
The Italian identity card is an individual identity and travel document with the same function as the former EU passport and entitles the holder to stay in Germany (in accordance with Art. 2 Immigration Act) and to circulate within the European Union (EU Directive 2004/38).
I taught the Carta identita only works for Italian Citizens and not Refugees or Resident Permit Holders.
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