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asked Jul 24, 2018 in Asylum proceedings by Smile
edited Sep 9, 2019 by Smile
Hello @Smile - Nice to hear from you again. Maybe @WKZB1 of Willkommenszentrum Berlin can help you to find an answer tomorrow. Best regards, Thorgen

Hello @Thor , just out of curiosity , is it normal that my questions subject/header could be changed automatically ? well it has happend with me twice.... thanks Smile

Hello @Smile - Yes, in accordance with our terms and conditions, we adjust headers, tags and categories to make our search box more effective. Apart from that, it also helps other users to find Wefugees through Google or other search engines. Best regards, Thorgen

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Dear @Smile,

Die Ausbildungsduldung requires, among other prerequisites, that your identity is proven by presenting a valid passport. If you present your passport and the other requirements are also met, die Ausbildungsduldung will be granted.

You should contact a counselling centre in your place of residence to chechk whether the prerequisites for Ausbildungsduldung are met in your case. The concact details of the counselling centres in Mettmann Kreis can be found here:

Best regards


answered Jul 25, 2018 by WKZB1
@WKZB1 thanks for your replay and suggestion. By the way ..... ""What could be the posssible consequences if i manage to do so or if i can't in both period of time before and after completing my vocational training?."" was my main part of the question ! if you could also focus on it ?
Dear @Smile, If you don´t present a valid a passport, you can only have the Duldung after your asylum procedure ends as Long as the immigration authority doesn´t manage to deport you. If you present your passport before completing your vocational Training and die prerequisites for the Ausbildungsduldung are met, you can get the Ausbildungsduldung granted. If the requirements for the Ausduldungsdudlung aren´t met, the immigration authority can deport you then. If you present your passport after completing your vocational training, only the possibllity of applying for a residence permit in accordance with § 25a, § 25b or § 18a Residence Act (Aufenthaltsgesetz) would be considered. In this Situation, it´s necessary for you to contact a counselling centre at your place of residence to check whether or not the requirements for the Ausbildungsduldung an the residence permit in accordance with §25a, § 25b and § 18a Residence Act are met / will be met. Best regrads WKZB1
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