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asked Jul 5 in Asylum proceedings by Shahd (110 points)
Hello @Shahd Welcome to the Wefugees community and thank you for your question. Did I understand you correctly that you have a visa for the UK that you want to use to apply for asylum while being on transit in the UK on an airport? Or did I miss the point? Best regards, Thorgen
Hi thanks for ur response.
I currently have a UK visa , but my flight will be transit from Amman to Romania and then to UK. Will they refuse my application in the UK because I was transit in Romania ? I mean will they say why you did not apply asylum in Romania before coming to UK?
Just to mention I  was an MBA student in the UK .

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Hello @Shahd

As far as I can see, the country that issued the visa is responsible for your asylum procedure (in accordance with Dublin III, Art. 12). If I understand you correctly the visa was issued by the UK, right? That would mean that they have to process your case.

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answered Jul 9 by Thor (62,450 points)
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