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My going-to-be husband's asylum was refused in France. He appealed to the court. I am from Sweden and he was in Sweden first but had Dublin in France . Sweden sent him to France. Where he applied for asylum was refused appealed to court. Is waiting for court desicions. When back in Sweden migration did not accept our familyapplication because of his Dublin in France. All we want and waiting for a long time is the Marriage process in France be sucessful. Authorities in F ask about a lot of documents from him to get married. My question. How Will our situation Change after we are married. Can he go back to Sweden . Everything is so copmlicated. Is there anything I can do at all for us
asked Apr 30 in Legal advice by Marya (110 points)

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Hello @Marya

You are an EU-citizen. That's why your future husband has a right to get a residence permit that allows him to live/work within EU after the wedding. I assume that he has to apply for it at the Swedish aliens department (but since I'm not familiar with the Swedish institutions I can't tell you exactly which one is competent). Anyhow: Yes, he will be able to go to Sweden with you.

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answered May 7 by Thor (62,450 points)
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