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How can I know which ausbildung has more demand in the job field in Germany?

Since I have an ‘Einzelfirma im IT Bereich’, I was thinking to do an ausbildung in IT. But I am not sure about the future of IT. Maybe after 10 years it will be not so demanding. As you know everything has kind of period.

I like hotel business also. And I think in Germany or in Europe it has always really a great future.

How can I know which ausbildung would be the best and easy for me? I don’t like to learn by mouth or brain something. I like rather creative. I have a masters degree from literature including more than 12 years journalism experience. Have German B1. And I am running a small startup in the IT field in Germany since two years.

What should I do?
asked Apr 17, 2018 in Education by Don’t Know
Hello @MoniLink I will link @Fadi of Arrivo-EMSA and @BildungsberaterIn of LernLaden Neukölln. I'm sure they can help you to make the right career choice!

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If you want a list, which professions you can study which applies to you there exists a web-application in AT which ask all relevant stuff and offers a list of professions -which appliy to you. In the details the list shows you which aspects of your answers complies with the offered professions. This website stays in If you cannot answer german questiosn ans dont understand german answers eixts the possibilitty to send an e-mail to this is a machine which sends you the questions if this website in english and espanol and informs you how to get ansers in english or espanol.
answered Apr 21, 2018 by bk90de
Correction: The email has to be sent to
ans the subject of the e-mail has to be
(it's a machine which only reads the number in the subject, the rest of the e-mail ist ignored)
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Everything has kind of period - so no one can give a prediction. Too many predictions have already proven wrong.
Since the bosses of companies choose people for training, and training also includes 50% theory, two things are important: First, that you really want the job and bring talent and interest. Otherwise they will have little future in the future-oriented job. Second, that you can speak German so well that learning German can succeed.
So: Find out which profession you want to learn - In addition there are orientation offers and much information. The good decision is good self-reflection based on much information.
If you already have a qualification or have worked in a company, there are special ways such as re-qualification, recognition procedure, etc. which are too big to explain online.
There are also offers for academics directly into the job market - did you have your Master recognized?
We can also discuss further in a personal conversation in case you want to know more about this topic or if you have any other questions:

answered May 9, 2018 by Arrivo-EMSA
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