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Hi good people in this awesome community!

I have a question. I am working as selbständig since August 2016.

In 2017 my income reaches around 20,000€. And I am no more Kleinunternehmer (17,500€).

All of my income is from Google Ireland. So my question is: how much I have to give tax? As you know there’s Umsatzsteuer. What would be in that case? My Steuerberaterin doesn’t know it. But Google in general said: they’re taking 38% of from my incomes and rest, means 62% ( ) is giving to me. And Google is not giving me any Rechnung. They’re only giving a payment slip/receipt. What would be in that case? 

Second part of question: as the income is from Ausländ, trotzdem I have to give tax? Is there any special consideration?

Best regards,

asked Apr 17, 2018 in Money by Don’t Know
Hello @MoniLink I will link @Marcel in this case since he knows a lot about taxes. He's quite busy at the moment, but I hope that he can provide an answer once he has a little more time ;)

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Hello @MoniLink i want to ask if you were able to find a solution to this tax issue....i will like to know about it because i am also currently in a similar situation. Best Regards,
answered Aug 2, 2018 by moraku
Hi Moraku, no, I didn’t get any solution. Do you have any?
No, i don't have any either. that's why i tried contacting you
hello @MoniLink is there any way I could contact you personally?
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