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Respected memebers of Wefugees first of all thank you for taking out your precious time and helping so many others like me.

I have a question regarding my tax declaration in Germany when i am on asylum.I have been doing job more than 26 months.Someone told me to ask finanzamt for tax to be paid back.Now i am not sure should i do this or not.I have a normale aufenthal as my asylum is not recognized yet.Will it effect my future in Germay as also my lawyer dont see my future in Germany.Its been around 5 years i am living in Germany.
It will be super nice of you if you can advice me
asked Apr 14, 2018 in Money by Adii

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Hello @Adii

Nice to hear from you again!

We had a question about the deadlines of tax return here on Wefugees in the past. But also the other information provided there will be of interest for you too:ärung?show=102138#q102138

In general you do tax return in order to get taxes back from the state that you overpaid (Keep in mind that you only start to pay taxes if you earn more than 450€ per month). Even if it's not a lot and if it doesn't affect your future here in Germany, it can make sense for you to hand it in.

Best regards,


answered Apr 17, 2018 by Thor
Respected Memeber Thorgen thank you so much.It is very kind of you.I have been working full time job since from very begning as i wanted to escape long waitings of sozial centerand  wasnt very sure  about this particular thing.I will get intouch with some accountant who can do rest of preocedure for me.Thank you once again.
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