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Hi.  since 2011 in Germany as a asylum seeker , I have Duldung now and I work since 2013 also I married 2016 in Germany Standesamt she is danish nationality

I was applied 2017 July family reunion visa danish embassy in Germany after 3 months that i got rejected  because of  I have never been in Denmark , after that our lawyer from Denmark call me to come Denmark to  apply visa ( family reunion) I go there and applied after 2 weeks I got rejected again because I have no valid visa in Europe also they mentioned immediately move from Denmark now I'm back to Germany

Now I went to renew my Duldung at Rathaus Ausländer Behörden they said I have no Anmeldung in Germany last one month also they knew it I was in Denmark , I said ja  I was there to apply family visa with my wife but they said I can't go Denmark with my Duldung I said ok I go with train I show my pass and Duldung also married certificate they are allowed to me go in Denmark. now I have to wait until next week  because of Ausländer Behörden they Said they will Write Bundesamt and police then they will know it what is next step
asked Mar 11, 2018 in Legal advice by Krish
Hello @Krish - I don't really know in how far we can give you advice right now. Is there a specific question that you need an answer for? As far as I can see you have to wait for next week to hear back from Ausländerbehörde. Best regards, Thorgen

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