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Hello ,

I was married before in Europe and then I came to Germany to took asylum but my asylum was rejected during my asylum I also applied for divorce in Germany .  It is passed 6 months taking for divorce but still I did not get the answer from family lawyer. I am very tense that what should I do . I want to to divorce and wants to get marriage with my girlfriend. Please suggest me that what should I do

And how long does it take to get divorce decision?

By the family law in Germany I should separate from my wife before one year but I m separated from many years and in 2013 I got asylum in Germany that means I m living on social welfare. So I already filed for divorce in the court . I do not know exactly where is my wife . She was from Romania .after separation in 2013 we did not meet again .

Can you tell me that how does the divorce process in Germany ?
asked Mar 9 in Legal advice by Kikia (360 points)

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