Hello ,
I would like to ask about naturalization law for refugees. I have completed 4 years and 5 months in Germany .
After how many years can I apply for naturalization in Germany and what are the terms and conditions for applying naturalization refugee law ?
asked Feb 18, 2018 in Legal advice by Zichako | 2,746 views

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Hello @Zichako

Please check out the information provided in this thread:


It says that you have to live in Germany for 6 years before you can apply for German nationality. This waiting period starts at the very moment that you apply for asylum. So the time you spend in the asylum procedure already adds up to the 6 years.

For extensive information about the topic of naturalization please check out this website by BAMF (English language): ****://***.bamf.de/EN/Willkommen/Einbuergerung/InDeutschland/indeutschland-node.html

Here is a summary of the most important requirements that you need to fulfil:

- you have an unrestricted right of residence at the time of being naturalised (your residence permit is sufficient)

- you have passed the naturalisation test (aka "Einbürgerungstest")

- your place of residence has been in Germany for six years (of course you can travel in the meantime, but in general no longer than 3 months at once)

- you have a job that gives you enough income to make a living without being dependent on social benefits

- you have adequate German-language skills (B1 should be sufficient)

- you didn't commit any severe crimes

- you are committed to the free democratic constitutional order of the Basic Law of the Federal Republic of Germany

- you have lost or given up your home country's nationality

I hope this answer was helpful to you.

Best regards,
answered Feb 19, 2018 by Thor
Ok thank you
And what about Aufenthaltgestattung and Duldung?
If the person is not accepted or Duldung  . Can they do apply for naturalization after 6 years ?
If you have an Aufenthaltsgestattung you are still in the asylum procedure. If you get a residence permit at the end of it, the time you spent in the procedure will be taken into account when it comes to naturalization. However, if you get a Duldung it doesn't count because Duldung is just a suspension of deportation. That's why you can't get naturalized after six years of Duldung.
But there is another way of at least getting a residence permit for Germany if you are holding a Duldung. You can get if after 8 years of residing here (6 if you have an underage child) and if you fulfil a number of other criteria that prove that you are well integrated. For example basic knowledge about German society and law, German skills on A2 level (or higher) and a job that makes you (partly or fully) independent from social benefits. Source (German language): htps://***.gesetze-im-internet.de/aufenthg_2004/__25b.html
Ok but I have still Aufenthaltgestattung status and I m in Germany from 4 years and 5 months .i have given my second interview in the court and I m still waiting for this answer . But my question is that I m still in Aufenthaltgestattung status if I complete six years on Aufenthaltgestattung status then which law will be apply .
Hello @Zichako - as I explained in my initial answer you have to have an unrestricted right of residence at the time of being naturalised (like “Aufenthaltserlaubnis”). As far as I can see you can’t get naturalised if you are still holding Aufenthaltsgestattung. If you have Aufenthaltsgestattung for six years and you get a residence permit at some point afterwards, you can apply for naturalisation immediately if you fulfil all the other requirements that I listed above as well. Best regards, Thorgen
I am from Pakistan I am asylum sekker for 7 year in Germany know i have a Aufenthalt for 4 years.i am selbstverständlich for 2 year.i done my b1.when can I apply for German citizenship plz tell me thnk you very much wait for your reply
Plz tell me I am w8ng
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