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So me and my fiancé we gave in all the documents for the marriage at the Standesamt, and they said they had to send them to the high court and the high court had to contact us to give us a bill but since we gave in the papers on the 16th of January we have not heard from the high court, we were wondering how long it takes to get the bill or information  from the high court ?
asked Feb 10 in Legal advice by Hazel (180 points)

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Hallo Hazel ! It’s take at least four to six weeks, because of paper work,it is allowed during the process to ask them about documents. That’s why it would be good if you call them :)
answered Feb 11 by Aanish (520 points)
Thank you @Aanish for sharing your personal experience here on Wefugees! It's true that German bureaucracy is infamous for not always being the fastest. You have to be patient @Hazel ;)
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