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I hold a Lebanese passport and a german travel document since my spouse is Syrian. In my reisepass it’s stamped that I cannot travel to Syria but nothing about Lebanon.
My questions are:
Will traveling to Lebanon cause a problem for me and my family?
When I travel from schonefeld, which of the passports will they stamp?
When I leave Lebanon to come back to Germany, which passport will be stamped?

I’m veru worried that the Lebanese  airport security  won’t let me out of Lebanon holding merely a Deutsch travel document.
asked Jan 17, 2018 in Legal advice by Jomak

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Hello @Jomak

Welcome to our community and thank you for your question!

In general you are allowed to travel if you are an acknowledged refugee. You got German travel documents (blue passport aka “Konventionspass”) that enable you to travel to a lot of countries (for further information please check out this thread on the Wefugees community:

However, in any case you are not allowed to travel to your home country. The German state provided you with protection based on the assumption that your home country is either not willing or not able to provide it for you. If you go there, they will draw the conclusion that you are not in need of refugee protection anymore and withdraw it as soon as you try to re-enter Germany.

Unfortunately I can’t tell you which passport they will stamp. May I ask why it plays a role in this case though? And why are you afraid that Lebanese officials won’t let you leave the country with your German documents? I’m just trying to grasp the situation better ;)

Best regards,
answered Jan 17, 2018 by Thor
Hey, thanks for the reply. On my reisepass it says I cannot travel to Syria only and I checked that with ausslanderbehorde as it’s not me who applied, I was sort of added to my husband’s file. And I came in legally to Germany.
If they stamp the reisepass I can use it to leave but I cannot have one entry stamp on one passport and the other on another document. Lebanon does not confess to the reisepass; as in they do t redeem it proof enough if the person because of all the smuggling that had happened
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