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I am Pakistani and stay in Germany as a refugee  Asyl my girlfriend Deutsch  I am and my girlfriend wants Denmark visit but I have only German Ausweis
asked Jan 5, 2018 in Legal advice by Gujjar
if your case has been rejected,and you are under appeal process,then you can't travel outside Germany,unless your asylum is accepted!
Hello @Gujjar - may I ask what legal status you have right now? I think we can give you better advice then. Best regards, Thorgen
Hi. I think You will travel to Denmark and come back again to Germany. If it's like this you can't because on the Denmarks  border is checking passport

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Hi @Gujjar

As a recognized refugee you get a blue passport. You can use it to travel to a lot of countries. For some of them you don't even need a visa. Including Denmark. So: Yes, you and your girlfriend can travel there :)

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answered Jan 5, 2018 by Lea
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I think you may find an answer in this page, quite informative by the way

answered Mar 22, 2020 by bextol
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