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I am Pakistani and stay in Germany as a refugee  Asyl my girlfriend Deutsch  I am and my girlfriend wants Denmark visit but I have only German Ausweis
asked Jan 5 in Legal advice by Gujjar (130 points)
if your case has been rejected,and you are under appeal process,then you can't travel outside Germany,unless your asylum is accepted!
Hello @Gujjar - may I ask what legal status you have right now? I think we can give you better advice then. Best regards, Thorgen
Hi. I think You will travel to Denmark and come back again to Germany. If it's like this you can't because on the Denmarks  border is checking passport

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Hi @Gujjar

As a recognized refugee you get a blue passport. You can use it to travel to a lot of countries. For some of them you don't even need a visa. Including Denmark. So: Yes, you and your girlfriend can travel there :)

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answered Jan 5 by Lea (5,110 points)
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