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Hi, my name juel and i am from Malaysia,last few month i knew one guy who stay in denmark as asylum refugee. We plan to get marry by next year and he already talked with my family and there is no obstacle. But now we just knew that as he is holding resident permit as asylum in denmark,he had little bit problem and they didnt allow and grounded him to go out from denmark except few scandinavia country like norway,sweden and spain, but we already plan that he will come to Malaysia and marry with me next year.They give him a period of time until he get his full paper after 3 years from now.Also if i travel to denmark to marry with him there he still cant help me to process my paper until he get full residence status at his age 24.Now we both really in stuck situation and losing hope,im coming to ask here if there is any procedure can give us a chance or hope for us to get marry and be together? He is original from iraq and i am malaysian.I cant wait until 3 years since my age already 35 and his age 21.We really plan want to live together and build a family in denmark since he already settle down in denmark.Please help me to get rid with this stressed situation.Thank you
asked Oct 26, 2017 in Asylum proceedings by Julier
Hello @Julier - welcome to our community! First of all, I have a few questions about the situation: 1.) What type of status does your fiancé have exactly? Because it doesn’t seem like he is a fully recognized refugee yet - you said he is waiting for his “full paper”. Please clarify the issue because it might play a role in this case 2.) What exactly is the reason why you can’t get married in Denmark? I think I didn’t get it yet ;) 3.) What’s the matter with this travel ban? What type of restriction is it? It might be of importance because you said you were planning to get married in Malaysia. Best regards, Thorgen

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Thank you for the reply Thor,actually i am also not really sure about his status exactly, but as he told me, he already been in denmark for 10 years because all his family moved there from iraq.The reason why i can't marry in denmark because the gov of denmark won't issue me a paper seems my fiancé his age under 24 years old. About his travel ban,he only told me that he had a problem with the danish immigration until they banned him to go out from the country for 3 years from now.I will try to clarify with him later on what type of restriction it is.
answered Oct 27, 2017 by Julier
Hello @Julier - are there any updates? Did you talk to him about the travel ban?
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