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Hello, first of all you people doing a great job.This web site helps me a lot so my question is i m from india and currently i am living in germany as asylum seeker (bamp heared me but did not makes a decision on my application yet).i have a girlfriend she is also from india and she has refugee status granted in france as she has 10 years residence permit in france.i am working in germany since two years and now we have plan to get marry what kind of possibilities we have? Should we make marriage in  germany or some where else?? and did i get any type of long term residency after marrying her as now i have only 6 months residnce permit and landratsamt renew it after every 6 months.My girlfriend is not allowed to work in germany as she can only visit or stay in germany so after marrying her did she or me get anykind of document like long term residency or work permit etc .your answere will be appreciated thanks
asked Oct 23, 2017 in Legal advice by malik123

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Hello @malik123 and welcome to our community! We at Wefugees are happy to hear that this platform was helpful to you so far :)

You can get married to your girlfriend in Germany or France. We listed the requirements for Germany in this thread:

If you need information about marriage in France it’s probably best if your fiancé asks the competent registry office about that directly. Or you can get an overview using this website:

Concerning your other question(s):

In short: as a refugee yourself, marrying another refugee does not change your status. That only works if you get married to a citizen of the country that you live in. In other words: neither will you get a prolonged permit for Germany, nor will your girlfriend get a long term residence permit for Germany just by getting married to each other.

What you can do is getting married (either in Germany or France) and live together through family reunion in one of the two countries. As spouses and acknowledged refugees you usually have a right to be united with each other.

You can find information about family reunion in France on this website:

BAMF offers information about that topic for Germany here:

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answered Oct 24, 2017 by Thor
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