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So am in Germany and I have no papers but am with my girlfriend and we want to get married . I was wondering wether we can get married in Germany despite me not having a visa to stay here. Is it possible? Ive been with my girlfriend for One year.
asked Oct 25, 2017 in Legal advice by Hazel

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Hello @Hazel - nice to hear from you again!

We had a similar question in the community recently. Please check out the information provided here:

The most important information in short:

In Germany the registry office (“Standesamt”) is competent for marriages. Your fiancé should go to the Standesamt in her city and ask them which documents you need to provide in order to get married. After you handed in all the documents you can proceed to apply for a visa.

You need a so-called “Visum zur Eheschließung”. You can apply for that at the German embassy in the country that you live in as soon as the competent German registry office confirmed that all required documents were handed in. If I remember correctly you are having your asylum procedure in Denmark, right? The German embassy in Denmark will then talk back to German aliens department (“Ausländerbehörde”) and issue the visa after they gave their consent.

Source (German language):

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answered Oct 26, 2017 by Thor
Oh can I get a visa while am in Europe already ? I thought it was supposed to be in my country of origin ? But my asylum ended and it was rejected as well but my girlfriend she's saying that we should get married in Germany .
As far as I can see you need to get the visa before entering Germany (if you want to get married there). The website linked above doesn't say that you need to be in your country of origin. Especially because it would be impossible for most refugees to go back to their home country just to apply for such a visa. So it looks like you can apply for it in Denmark. It's probably best to get in touch with the German embassy to find out if that's true.
Oh okay thanks so much , this has been so helpful.
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