I have an inflatable boat that I would like to take with me I don't want to risk getting on a boat with 20 or so people or even getting rejected by the airline (if I attempted to claim asylum during transit) so it got me thinking if I travel on a plane from Lebanon to Turkey can I take it (my inflatable boat) with me and if so how and how much would I have to pay (it's around 25-30KG deflated)?

Thank You

Edit: Also are there many pirates and would the Greek coast guard stop me if so what would they do to me? Finally is that ocean dangerous even if I don't have a lot of weight on board and the weather is calm ?

Note: My boat can carry 660KG I'm only 70-80KG maybe 100KG with all my supplies along with a VHF radio (if I can find one in Turkey) to send a mayday /distress signal if something bad was to happen to me.

Thank You Again
asked Oct 13, 2017 in Other Questions by Souna | 1,434 views

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2 Answers

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Boat sounds very risky. There are regular reports of drown refugees on TV. Can't you try to take safer way? Is there no option to travel in turkey to the greece land border and sign asylum there? I have zero experience with that, but i have a bad feeling with your plan.

What kind of education do you have? Is there an option that get an official european blue card to avoid this whole asylum status?
answered Oct 15, 2017 by David Helps
I don't hold any degrees but thanks for the heads up... What about switching airports in Serbia on the basis that I will catch another flight is that possible or am I not allowed to leave the airport even if it's for transit ? (IATA claims Lebanese dom't need a tramsit visa for Serbia).

I don't know airports in serbia. But in my flight expierience (probably 20 flights) you never may leave the airport.
However, i am interested in the amount of money you plan to spend to enter EU. Are you willing to share this information?
In which direction do you have working experience? What is your age? What is your last school degree?
Anyway, i remember a report on TV that some illegal organizations help border crossing via facebook contact and car. But this is long time ago. Why do you want to move? And where do you want to go?
I'm in my 20's I'm willing to spend up to 2,000$ I want to move because I've been persecuted for my beliefs and was almost arrested again on top of that my house was searched I've been staying away from people, keeping my mouth shut and using a fake profile on Facebook because otherwise I risk a death sentence.l if not by terrorists by the government both agree that I deserve to die for my beliefs which I will not mention for security reasons but evem the constitution is against me Turkey as well by the way.
What country are you orginally from? If it is Lebanon, please don't forget to take some evidences for your story with you. I can imagine that you might have papers from police or court or fotos or screenshots from facebook. This can make things much easier. Because Lebanon is officially declared as safe country. So, the government will check your story in very detail. They will presume that you simply don't want to enter EU for better job opportunities and your life is not in danger in lebanon4. And if you don't have good evidences and have a Lebanon passport it is quite sure that they will send you back after some time of investigation. Are you of Kurd minority?
Yes, I have screenshots as well and a Facebook account and page that prove I am who I claim to be the page was given to me by someone from Europe who saw that I was very passionate and serious about my beliefs after he made me an admin 2 years ago. Yes, I'm from Lebanon.
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Hello @Souna

As David already pointed out traveling by boat on your own sounds really dangerous and I would highly advise against it!

Even if the boat can be used offshore and if the conditions are well (calm weather and sea), you are not an experienced sailor, right? Additionally the sea is getting more rough during winter months (that's what the Hellenic/Greek coast guards says on their website).

If the Greek coast guard finds you in the open sea they will probably pick you up to save you from the dangerous situation that you would be in at that moment. But you'd have to meet one of these ships first - and that's not guaranteed!

I understand that you are facing an unbearable situation at the moment, but all in all this is a plan that I definitely wouldn't recommend.

Still I wish you all the best,
answered Oct 17, 2017 by Thor
Do you think could also be an option to move to another country not in EU, and try to support you there with funding from EU?
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