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Hi @MoniLink

nice to hear from you again!

Unfortunately I couldn't find free programs. But there are some commercial offers out there that you can use if you are willing to pay some money for it

Here you can purchase the questionnaire and the textbook for theory classes in English:

This is an online program with which you can practise for theory test. Once you paid you can also access English questionnaires without extra costs:

Or are you searching for free offers only?

Best regards,
answered Sep 19, 2017 by Thor
Hi @Thorgen thanks a lot for your nice reply.

I have an app/web account and book of course which costs 60 euros. I need some practical info about dos and don't in the exam. Why not please write a list of tips from your part. How can I pass the theory exam easily? Is there any technique etc?

Hi @MoniLink - thanks for clarifying the issue! Well, first off all I’d like to say that the theoretical exam is not as hard as it might look like at first sight. If you are well prepared and if you read the questions + answer-options carefully you should do well. From personal experience I can tell you that it is important to take your time because sometimes a single word can change the meaning of the whole question. If you read carefully you should be on the right track. And sometimes there is really ridiculous answer-options so that using common sense should help you out. In the end it basically comes down to memorizing all the Q&A’s. For example, if you practiced all the questionnaires it shouldn’t be a problem to pass because you heard of all possible questions multiple times already. Just relax and take your time to check back all the given answers at the end of the test. Usually there should be enough of time leftover to go through everything once again to make sure you got it right.
Hi Thorgen, so kind of you! As far as I know I have to give answers of 30 questions. But how long is the exam? And is there any chapter that question comes frequently? I mean which chapters should I emphasis more?

Yes, you have to answer 30 questions. You will get a mixture of questions that cover a huge variety of topics. Hence you need to prepare all the chapters equally. Each question has a weighting between 2-5 points that will be summed up if you give a wrong answer. You can get a maximum of 10 error points before you fail the exam. I can't remember the time limit, but I think it is 45 minutes.
Dankeschön :)
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